Timing. Effort. Variety.

1. Timing

5 minutes to warm up, 20 minutes of doing something, 5 minutes to cool down (5 - 20 - 5).

2. Effort

Easy, moderate, hard. Use a Blink heart rate monitor as a visual guide how much effort you're putting in, whether easy (blue), moderate (yellow) or hard (red).

3. Variety

Simply change your effort every time your music or instruction changes.


What is a ZONING workout?

Any activity that gets you up and gets you moving so you notice the effort. Walking, swimming, running, skating, biking, playing, hiking, dancing, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, taking the stairs, shoveling snow, walking to Starbucks!

Going to the gym? Do a ZONING workout with the treadmill, elliptical, stair master, pushups, lunges, jumping rope or circuit training.

Let the Blink heart rate monitor be your guide. The ZONING program is five minutes in the blue zone (easy), 20 minutes in the yellow zone (moderate), 5 minutes in the blue zone (easy). It's that simple.

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ZONING is Mind and Body Awareness

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ZONING uses your heart rate numbers to target fat loss. Working out in the moderate yellow zone will not only increase your strength but is the key heart zone that burns a higher blend of fat calories than carbohydrate calories for its fuel. The moderate yellow zone is for those who are primarily interested in exercising for weight loss and in terms of exertion, moderate activity should feel very relaxed and light.

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