Bennett Reed

Heart Zones Business Manager

As the business manager for Heart Zones, Bennett is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the corporation. He has a vast background and the academic credentials to match as a fuses his love of strength and conditioning coach working in collegiate programs across the USA with business management. For the past six years, Bennett worked for a number of different universities in a wide variety of sports programs as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

After finishing his Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Kinesiology, Bennett made the decision to pursue his MBA with an emphasis on marketing from Wagner College located in New York City. Combining the two degrees in exercise science and business administration-marketing, Bennett brings a rare double combination of skills and experience to support the Heart Zones brand as it continues to grow it’s three foundation pillars: technology, education, and programs-curriculum.

Bennett is one of those individuals who loves to work out and train for his personal health and fitness. Bennett loves working with young people to enhance their love of the same — living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Today Bennett resides in Sacramento, California. Although raised in Wisconsin, he has easily adapted to the sunny Cali lifestyle as an active, outdoorsy, and health-conscious, as he leads the way for the latest social trends in technology.