Shelley Russell

Heart Zones Certifications Manager

Shelley is an avid, well actually more than avid cyclist and professional fitness instructor with over 10 different fitness certifications! Of her many interests, Shelley loves using the Heart Zones technology and data to make a difference in her clients’ health and fitness. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 1988, she worked for four years at IBM as a software engineer before starting her family. Among her many current business ventures, she works as both an internal software tester for the Heart Zones apps development team and Heart Zones online certification director.

Shelley’s other fitness-related developments include her creativity and expertise as follows: 1.) Using her programming background to develop her own fitness website; 2.) Offering her services to customize heart rate and individualized power zones for her clients so that they can be fitness efficient, especially for those who are time crunched; 3.) Combining her group fitness and personal training expertise by offering semi-private classes in all four areas of fitness (strength, cardio, functional training and flexibility).

Shelley loves working with all ages and fitness levels of clients to fulfill the Heart Zones promise: to get America fit. She resides with her husband and their great dog Eli in Boulder, CO. Their daughter Katie, 29, is a Speech Language Pathologist and lives with her husband in Honolulu. Their son Kevin, 27, is a Corporate Tax Accountant and lives with his girlfriend in Denver.