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Stephanie Lauren & Thomas Ascough

Heart Zones Sales Representatives, New England

Stephanie Lauren & Thomas Ascough are award-winning fitness and education leaders, as well as co-founders of PLYOGA Fitness® and CASE Method®. Their systems of HIIT training are used throughout the USA and abroad and are accredited by the largest exercise science education organizations in North America.

Stephanie competed NCAA Division I in Gymnastics and Track & Field, and is a current Towson University Record Holder in Long Jump. Stephanie has a BS in Education from Towson University, complemented by over 12 fitness certifications in everything from Group Exercise and Yoga to Perinatal Fitness and Personal Training.

Thomas has a CPT Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and ties in his expertise as a prior National Sales Manager to foster growth in the fitness and wellness of his participants.

Heart Rate Monitoring became such a prevalent piece of Thomas’ & Stephanie’s training style when they realized years ago that effort cannot be quantified with the eyes alone. Participants that appear to be trying very little (or vice-versa) may be giving it everything they have, but a leader truly can never know unless you know what is happening IN the body. Heart Zones is their answer for this.

Stephanie & Thomas have 2 young children and understands the pretenses of using fitness with precision for any age.

Functional Fitness featuring PLYOGA & CASE Method
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