Blink 1A Heart Rate Monitor (Analog)


Blink 1A Heart Rate Monitor

Analog Functionality

Blinking LED light to indicate heart rate zone

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The Blink 1A is the most simple-to-use, fun and valuable heart rate watch ever designed. We know because we developed it. We designed it. We support it. If you are wanting a workout tool as well as a workout companion, then the Blink 1A is for you. It is the only heart rate watch that flashes a color that matches your effort and tells you at a glance how hard you are exercising.

The Blink 1A is one of the easiest heart rate monitors to program in the world! It takes less than 60 seconds to program – because there is only one button. What other heart rate monitor can make that claim?

Why did we name it the Blink 1A: because it has only one button. It allows you to set your individualized zone colors. With just a glance at which color is blinking and you will know if you are going easy or moderate or hard just by the color:

  • Blue flashing light for your easy warm up fat burning stay fit zone.
  • Yellow flashing light to take you to that next fitness level and
  • Red flashing light to get you going faster than ever before

The Blink 1A – like her big sister Blink 2A with two buttons – was designed to support your cardio activities based on the new science of two thresholds – called T1 and called T2. There are scientific names that go with these two thresholds or “cross over” points. What is important is that the blue zone is easy, the yellow zone is moderate and the red color zone is hard.

Indeed our new ZONING program, created by world-class celebrity athlete Sally Edwards, capitalizes on this new science. Sally wants to get America fit and ZONING is how she plans to do it. ZONING is easy and fun. Sally says “ZONING, it’s like an apple a day because it keeps the doctor away!” Order the ZONING, Fitness in a Blink book to go with your Blink 1A.


Here’s what you get in this powerful, small profile, cool workout companion:

  • Time of Day
  • Flashing light that is the color of your heart zone.
  • A beeping alarm sound when you are “out of the zone” with an easy way to shut off the beeps too if you prefer that.
  • Only one button which makes it easier to program than those with lots of buttons.
  • Safe for swimming
  • You can replace both batteries yourself or at a watch-repair store (the transmitter and the watch each have a long-lasting battery).
  • Blinks BLUE color your for your easy warm up, recovery, and fun zone.
  • Blinks YELLOW color for your moderate zone – this is where you burn the most fat.
  • Blinks RED color for your hard, hot, redline zone – this is when you burn the most calories.

The ZONING Program and the Blink 1A are designed for the fun fitness folks who want to keep it simple and easy.


Every new Blink comes packaged with the following items:

  • An “all-in-one” watch and pulsing LED heart rate monitor and watch
  • A transmitter belt that is EKG/ECG accurate
  • An adjustable elastic chest strap
  • A foam mount for monitor use on the handlebars of most cardio equipment
  • Workout cards for the world’s only patented cardio program, ZONING
  • Pre-installed batteries that are user replaceable
  • The Blink Owner’s Manual, a 27-page booklet
  • Click: Watch this easy-to-set-up video!

The Major Differences Between Different Blink Models




                  Blink Models

EVERY Blink Model Comes With:      1A      2A      1D      2D
Time of Day Display (12- or 24-hour display option)       X       X       X       X
Display of a Dynamic and LARGE “Current Heart Rate” Number       X       X       X       X
Water Resistant Durability       X       X       X       X
Three Zone Alarm Modes:  Blinking LED, Audible Beep, Silent       X       X       X       X
Introductory access to ZONING, a patented fitness program from Heart Zones USA       X       X       X       X
The full backing and support of Heart Zones USA       X       X       X       X
Blink FEATURES and/or FUNCTIONS by Model:      1A      2A      1D      2D
One-Button Programming Ease       X       X
Two-Button Programming with Enhanced Functionality       X       X
Day, Date, and Month Display       X       X
Stop Watch Functionality       X       X
Data Capture of “Average Heart Rate”       X       X
Data Capture of “Peak Heart Rate”       X       X
Data Capture of “Time Within” Each of Three Training Zones       X       X
Data Capture of calculated “Total Calories Burned”       X       X
Transmission of the heart rate signal    Analog    Analog    Digital    Digital
Blink USE RECOMMENDATIONS by Model:      1A      2A      1D      2D
If intended for use in a water activity like swimming or water aerobics       X       X
If intended for use in an environment where you’ll be in close proximity to other heart rate monitors, and the possibility of equipment signal interference or ‘crosstalk’ exists       X       X
If intended for use with cardio fitness equipment like treadmills       X       X
If saving workout data for manual download is important for you       X       X
If simplicity, ease of use and/or economy are important for you       X       X


Download the Blink Owner’s Manual

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Weight 7.19 oz
Dimensions 7.25 × 2.125 × 4.75 in


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