Heartbeatz North Pole Engineering Bluetooth Heart Rate Bridge to ANT+ Device



Fitness sensors work to create the most accurate workout data. But what if, instead of buying a separate heart rate monitor, you could use the one you already own?

Most fitness consoles don’t connect your heart rate from your Apple Watch®. And, they don’t display that heart rate on your fitness console, so instead you have to be constantly glancing at your Apple Watch® to check your heart rate.

Bikes and treadmills using proximity awareness will automatically associate with heartbeatz. Once associated, exercisers can start their workout. The bike or treadmill console will display heart rate data measured by the Apple Watch® in real-time.

  • Mount heartbeatz on your bike computer/console.
  • Start the Apple Watch® heartbeatz connect app and link it to heartbeatz.
  • Add heartbeatz to your bike computer/console.
  • Start your workout!


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