Start in a Blink Combo Pack


Start in a Blink Combo Pack

Include Blink 1A Heart Rate Monitor and a copy of ZONING, Fitness in a Blink

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Welcome to the new program ZONING, a revolutionary new fitness program that uses the “3 Steps” of cardio activity to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Get started using the Blink 1A heart rate monitor watch – the easiest LED Flashing watch for beginners! AND this starter pack includes a copy of ZONING, Fitness in a Blink, by Sally Edwards – who will walk you step by step through getting you fit or fitter using the patented ZONING program along with your Blink.

Blink 1A – This is the only heart rate monitor that has a flashing LED light of an intense color from the zones that you set for at-a-glance ease. In a quick glance, look at the flashing zone color or heart rate number. You get a push from your friend and flashing workout patner, the Blink to tell you “stay in the Yellow Zone” or “Time to cool Down in the Blue Zone” – during your workout. Ideal for those who prefer colors and a heart rate number for ease of use. Transmitter belt included for accurate heart rate numbers.

ZONING, Fitness in a Blink – Are you ready to get fit and fitter? Are you ready to say goodbye to fad diets and fitness programs that don’t deliver? Are you ready to ditch boring workouts for fun, energizing activities? Join Sally Edwards as she teaches you the keys to a healthy and activie life and guides you to getting cardio-fit. By following Sally’s easy, step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to exercise smarter—not harder—and navigate your heart rate “zones” for fun, customized workouts. If you’re ready to shed those unwanted pounds, gain fitness, and live a full and vibrant life, you’re ready for the new ZONING.

ZONING, FITNESS IN A BLINK will show you how to…

– Get started following the “3 Steps” to cardio.

– Accurately set your cardio zones using “Zoning Assessments.”

– Set your “Top of Blue” and Top of Yellow” zones.

– Use any heart rate monitor, including the new Blink heart rate monitor that flashes the three zones: Easy Blue, Mellow Yellow, and Hot Red.

– Lose weight, reduce stress, and gain energy by living a Healthy Active Lifestyle (HAL).

– Follow step-by-step and heartbeat-by-heartbeat training programs to a healthier and stronger body.

– Design your own customized 8-Week training programs.
◾Full Color, 247 pages, published July 2012. Based on the Heart Zones federally patented “Threshold Training System”.
◾This is Sally Edwards’ latest and by the way, her favorite new book.
◾Forward by Chuck Cali, ZONING Specialist and Cary Bertoncini, MA

See the companion ZONING wall chart for a visual way of understanding the ZONING program.

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