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Heart Zones System

The Heart Zones System displays real-time feedback from multiple sensors for engagement and motivation so clients or students can grow and learn to achieve their goals. Track heart rate zones, steps, calories, distance, speed, location, cycling power and cadence.

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Heart Zones Training - Zoning Fitness

Three easy steps to fitness

1. Timing 2. Effort 3. Variety

Use the ZONING fitness plan with cardio, boot camps, swimming, cycling, walking, running, circuits and more.

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Blog with Sally

Veteran PE Educator and Advocate Beth Kirkpatrick Joins Heart Zones, Inc.

June 4, 2015

Beth Kirkpatrick, veteran PE and Health Educator has joined Heart Zones, Inc. as the new Director of Education and Advocacy. She will be leading a team of experienced educators and entrepreneurs at Sacramento-headquartered Heart Zones, Inc. to accomplish a very large goal - get kids and teachers fit. "We are moving into 21st century education and P…

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Heart Zones USA is dedicated to helping to "Get America Fit" and a big part of doing that comes through training through Heart Rate Zones and using wearable technology to learn how to train better and smarter! Some of that wearable technology includes one of the Best Heart Rate Monitors on the market, fitness trackers, and even Heart Rate Charts to help you baseline your workouts. Whether you are interested in Heart Zones Training, Events, or getting diving into our Heart Zones System, learn more about us here and by exploring the rest of the site.