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Foundation Seminar for Everyone

Maximum Zones Training or Threshold Zones Training

Heart Zones Training - Max Zones Training

In this three hour seminar and one hour workshop for everyone you learn:

  • All about maximum or threshold heart zones and why it's the anchor point for setting your cardio-zones.
  • About the benefits of the training zones and why and when you should spend time in each of them.
  • How much, how often, and how hard you should exercise to achieve cardiovascular benefit especially using heart rate monitors and the heart rate data.
  • How to interpret your own individual heart ratenumbers for health, fitness and sports performance.
  • About the emotional heart zones and how to handle stress and gain more happiness by using yourmonitors as a stress monitor.
  • How to use a heart rate monitor or metabolic assessment (VO2 test) for weight loss to burn more total calories and fat as the fuel of that energy expenditure.

What You Get

  • The 50-page Heart ZonesTraining Booklet
  • Workout workshop to assess your zones.
  • A new BLINK flashing heart rate monitor.
  • Four hours of instruction from a national HZMT, Heart Zones Master Trainer.
  • Max or Threshold workout cards

Participants receive a Syllabus and heart rate cards. Recommended reading if possible in advance: The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook, available at the seminar and on our website. This seminar is for everyone - fitness enthusiasts, group exercise leaders, health-medical professionals, coaches, and personal trainers.

Early Bird Registration Fee: $99 includes all educational materials listed above plus a new Blink, flashing zones heart rate monitor and course instruction.

Standard Registration Fee: $129

Workshop Only

1. Sub-Max Field Testing or Threshold Testing
2. Testing and assessments using a heart rate monitor

In each of these two hour workshop you learn or experience:

  • How to measure your maximum or threshold heart rate.
  • Take the tests measure your baseline power, cardio-fitness, and metabolic levels.
  • Learn what your numbers mean and how to set intensity training zones.
  • And, if you are a fitness professional, you additionally learn how to administer these tests and score the results accurately for your clients, group, or athletes.

Workshop attendees receive a copy of all of the different Sub-Max or Threshold assessment protocols.. This seminar is for everyone - fitness enthusiasts, group exercise leaders, health-medical professionals, coaches, and personal trainers who need to establish their baseline numbers.

Registration Fee: $99

Level 1 Heart Zones Certified Trainer

Two 4-hour courses:
Part 1) Foundation Seminar for Everyone PLUS
Part 2) 4-hour HZT certification course work.

Part 1. Foundation Seminar for Everyone and Workout Workshop

Part 2. HZT, Heart Zones Training Certification: In this next three hour course and one hour application workshop you learn and experience:

  • How to administer sub maximum or threshold heart rate tests to your clients.
  • How to set the five heart zones for your clients.
  • How to administer and prescribe cardiovascular programs and workouts.
  • How to write an effective cardiovascular training program for yourself or your clients using The HZT 10 Step Program.
  • The latest in exercise science to gain cardiorespiratory fitness changes such as training load, periodization, time in zone, and training effect as well as valuable weight loss and emotional fitness application information.
  • How to immediately use this methodology to help your clients and athletes as well as enhance your professional status and expertise.
  • Additionally, receive Continuing Education Units from national organizations such as ACE, AFAA, NSCA, NASM.

What You Get:

  • You get the Foundation Seminar for Everyone products and educational materials: a new Blink flashing heart rate monitor, 50-page Booklet, testing workshop, and 4-hours of instruction from a professional cycling instructor.
  • The 110-page HZT Personal TrainingManual
  • Learn how to administer, interpret, and explain the power or heart rate tests .
  • A Certificate of Completion.
  • CEUs from national organizations like ACE, AFAA, NSCA, NASM.
  • Entitlement to use the rank and the official seal: Heart Zones CPT, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Income opportunities – discount pricing and affiliate programs.
  • Opportunity to move up the ranks to Level 2 through Level 5 to become a MICI, Master Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from national organizations.

A short workout is included. Participants receive all the materials from the Foundation Heart Zones Training Seminar and Sub Max or Threshold Testing Workshop, plus a professional application 60+ page Level 1 Manual. This course qualifies for 7.5 hours of CEUs from ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NSCA, and others. We urge you to get the most out of the qualification by reading in advance The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook. The Heart Zones Training books are also available at the event and on our web site.

Early-Bird Registration Fee: $199 includes materials, 8-hour coursework, CEUs

Standard Registration: $249

Level 2 Heart Zones Certified Trainer

In this four hour qualificationyou learn:

  • About writing and implementing a training program for an individual or a group.
  • More on heart rate monitors and how to use the data from them.
  • Alll about max orthreshold training and training rules.
  • How to lead a sub-max test or threshold field test.
  • The differences and when to usethreshold heart rate versus maximum heart rate zones.
  • Understand the VO2 metabolic test protocol and data, the gold standard for cardiovascular fitness testing.
  • How to generate additional revenue-making opportunities to increase your income and enhance your status within our club.

Receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from national organizations like ACE, AFAA, NSCA, and NASM.

Completion of any Level 2 course gives you an additional opportunity of moving through the ranks from a Level 2 to a Level 3 and toward attaining HZMT or Heart Zones Master Trainer rank.

A short threshold ride and an additional practical teaching session for coaching skills are included. Participants receive a +60 page Level 2 Manual. This course qualifies for 4.0 hours of CEUs. We urge you to attend this course having devoured the recommended watching: TO THE MAX DVD. It is available at the qualification event and on our website.

Early-Bird Registration Fee: $129 includes materials, 8-hour coursework, CEUs

Standard Registration: $249

Specialty Heart Zones Courses and Workshops

Heart Zones USA offers you a menu of specialty courses that might best fit your current needs for content and continuing education credits.

  • Advanced Heart Zones Training Seminar
  • Level 3. Qualification for the Yellow Jersey and Yellow Shirt. This course work is a prerequisite for moving up the ranks togo from a "qualified" to a "Master Trainer".
  • Workshops using Heart Rate Monitors: weight-loss, walking, senior fitness, first-timers, sport-specific (running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, skiing).
  • Metabolic Fitness Assessments: Using the New Leaf mobile metabolic cart, our certified Metabolic Specialist leads a 2-8 hour course on VO2 testing, interpretation of the results, the Metabolic Report Card, and how to write an exercise prescription using VO2 max, threshold heart rate, ranking of fitness level, and caloric expenditure in total and using carbohydrate and fat substrates.

The above courses are additionally offered at the annual Heart Zones Conference. If you have completed all other prerequisites and are interested in any of the above, please contact John Urys for further information.

Online Courses and Certifications

Want to become a Heart Zones Trainer, but don't see a Training near you? No problem, we can send you the course materials and connect you with a Master Trainer for a one on one phone call.

  • Earn valuable Continuing Education Credits in the comfort of your own home.
  • Get individual attention.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Save money on travel expenses and receive a free heart rate monitor.

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