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Refer a Future Smart PE Teacher The Heart Zones Referral Program for Schools is a great way for our current Heart Zones Move Solution customers to share their experience with neighboring schools, and for both parties to earn some great discounts and rewards. It is our mission to impact the health and fitness of students around the…

Heart Zones SMART PE: Lessons Using Heart Rate Monitors & Step Trackers for Physical Education


Heart Zones SMART PE: Lessons Using Heart Rate Sensors and Activity Trackers for Physical Education

Written by two of America’s premier physical education and health teachers, Sally Edwards and Deb Van Klei, your PE class will never be the same after incorporating their technology and methodology.

Quotes from PE Experts about Smart PE:

“The power of teaching PE the smart way with Smart PE is achieved by the fusion of technology and methodology into one.”
-Rick Gibbs

“Without changing the experience of the learner you don’t change the outcomes.”
-Jim Rickabaugh, Ph. D.
Executive Director, The Institute for Personalized Learning | a division of CESA #1

“Smart PE with the Heart Zones Move Solution will amazingly change the way you and your students look at and approach Physical Education every day!”
-Mike Mustar, Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Stillwater Area Schools, Minnesota

“It’s time for PE teachers to view learning as a joint effort. For the first time in the history of Physical Education, if teachers use Smart PE strategies with the Heart Zones Move Solution, students become self-directed learners. That is transformational and we should all be incorporating Smart PE into our programs.”
-Darrell Salmi, Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Stillwater Area Schools, Minnesota

Smart PE

What is Smart PE? SMART PE is … Smart PE is a movement Smart PE is a digital physical learning conversion. It is personalizing and individualizing fitness learning with physical literacy. It is a way to prepare the brain to learn and to cognitively perform. It is a way to make PE accountable to Physical…

CORE Body Temperature Sensor


We’ve known for years that core temperature is a vital measurement when trying to optimize human performance. However, it hasn’t always been easy to come by. Swallowing a $70 pill every training session isn’t ideal or cost-effective. We also know that the Temperature of your wrist is not your true core body temperature. 

Core is the first wearable device that continuously and accurately measures core body temperature in real-time and sends the data to your Garmin or iOS Device. The result is the most advanced temperature tracking device on the market today and the start of an entirely new way of training.