Derrick Milligan Director Health Clubs

Derrick Milligan

Director | Sports & Fitness

I enjoy living, loving, laughing, learning and lighting up the world. I am an occasional polar bear and a constant observer. I have been a champion, but have grown the most from my deepest disappointments. I am fed by the growth opportunities and personal discovery of the training experiment. I respect the intensity of the lonely hours and the power of community. My first deep athletic loves in life were basketball, swimming and tennis. However there are few activities that involve coordination, speed, perseverance and concentration that I don’t find interesting.

I am the only person I know that witnessed both my grandmothers have and survive heart attacks. Neither looked like they enjoyed the experience. My father who told me post-retirement, “My life has surpassed my dreams,” died in his sleep from his first and only heart attack at the age of 61. That being said, I am all about the heart. The scientific heart. The artistic heart. The performance heart. The dynamic heart. The passionate heart. I enjoy exploring all its dimensions, capabilities and depths. “Life is an endurance, contact sport — let’s train for it.”

My training philosophy is based on the concept of flow. It is a dance between improving skill levels while increasing challenges. We have all had moments in the zone. How do we experience them more often? How do we access them on a deeper level? How do we share them with those we care about? Performance, and often life, become more powerful, interesting and engaging when the connected bars of learned ability and larger goals are raised. This is the mystery I enjoy exploring with my clients, teams, colleagues and training partners. Join me.

I am infused by peak performances, multi-sport athletics, marathons, urban adventure (in all it’s forms), Heart Zone Training, Total Immersion Swimming, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), triathlons, graceful aging, strength training, kettlebells, “humbition”, comebacks, underdogs, never-say-die moments and dare-to-be-great opportunities.

When I am not working, I love to explore, train and discover with my wife Kathy and children Fezeka, Kya and Ayani.

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