HZ Joe Gooden

Joe Gooden

Vice President | Physical Education

Joe Gooden has over two decades of experience working with physical educators, district administrators and IT Coordinators in a sales and IT support capacity, He is a committed to making the transition into successfully employing digital devices for Physical Education teachers to save them time and motivate student activity. The successful implement of activity based technology systems is often requires guidance and support from a tech specialist. 

Joe’s recent experience includes specializing in App based fitness and health programs that utilizes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ANT+ wireless technologies for classroom and gymnasium integration.  Also experienced in the setup of wireless networks in order to communicate with these low power devices and applications, Joe love sharing both how to do it with the why it is to convert to digital learning of physical activity literacy.

Joe is a graduate of Georgia Southern University. He worked with Sportime, Inc. for over 20 years as a member of their sales team.  During that time, he met and worked with Sally Edwards and Heart Zones.  He’s coached girls basketball for over 10 years and is an avid volleyball player, runner and works out daily.