Lane Edwards

Heart Zones Director of Customer Success

Growing up in Sacramento, CA, I always lived an active lifestyle. I’d like to share that story with you as part of this introduction to me, Lane Edwards.


With two rivers in my backyard, and the snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountains only a short drive away, there was no shortage of weekend adventures to match the season as a child. In school, I thrived at “organized” sports, soccer was my favorite. As a bonus, I am the nephew of Heart Zones founder and CEO Sal Edwards which if you know her, means even more physical activities. My entire family encouraged my fun athletic endeavors like summer running camps at Camp Fleet Feet in Lake Tahoe, organized snowshoe 10K runs, and the thrill of competing in The Iron Kids Triathlon. As I do today, I simply love sports and fitness activities.

After graduating from high school, I left Sacramento for the beautiful Central Coast of California, San Luis Obispo, to attend college. Although still very active with hiking, the ocean, and cycling, the “organized” activities faded away as academics and college life took a priority. It took the unexpected death of my 60-year old father from a heart attack to provide the motivation for me to “grow up” and to be committed to helping folks have a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle.


Post college, I discovered my inner “nerd” moving into technology with a Silicon Valley software company in sales. As employee #98 in a start-up, after six years, I earned the top sales rep for a customer relations software company that had grown to 300+ employees. I returned to my hometown of Sacramento, to take an opportunity in sales with a marketing automation company repeating with them to become their my top sales rep.


Then I decided to take a 4 month break from work for international trae and adventures. I wanted to experience through travel different cultures, meet other travelers, and have some crazy adventures. Then I had a life changing accident. I broke my neck when I dove off a boat not knowing it was shallow water which left me with quadriplegia. I am now in a motorized wheelchair and Heart Zones is my first work since the accident in 2015. And, I have returned to what I love in work — providing customers with a great sales experience.


Today, I do not let my living with quadriplegia slow me down. On any given day, you will find me in the gym with the support of a trainer, rolling around in a motorized wheelchair with my best people friends, hanging out with my service dog, Ziggy, a yellow lab, and putting in the all-important work at Heart Zones to get America fit.


If you’re in the fitness industry or a school or club facility on the West Coast, connect with me by email or give me a call or text me +1 (805) 550-9609 in order that we can partner together. I want to help you to grow your business the best way I know how – together – using the Heart Zones Method and technology.