Will T.

Will Taylor

Heart Zones Project Manager


Will Taylor is Heart Zones’ Project Manager

responsible for a range of different activities,

foremost being customer support,

communications, and tech support for those

deploying Heart Zones software.

With a deep background in the fitness industry, Will spent the prior eight years managing health clubs, working as a certified personal trainer, and supporting youth as a strength and conditioning coach.

One of his most deeply-seated passions is helping people of all ages, interests, and abilities to reach their health and happiness goals. One way that he can live his passion is by transforming human lives using the Heart Zones Method™ as he works with thousands of customers and licensees from schools, health clubs, and individuals across the globe.

If you want to grow your Heart Zones business and customer reach, Will enjoys assisting you through all aspects of your Heart Zones journey from on-boarding and business development to big picture strategizing.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Will is an avid fitness guy who is currently co-parenting a growing young family right here in his hometown. As he explains, “When I found Heart Zones, the company whose mission and values matched mine in my hometown, where I could contribute to helping my communities and schools through fitness, I knew it was a perfect match.