What is Smart Fitness?

SMART Fitness is …

  • Smart Fitness is a movement.
  • Smart Fitness is a digital physical learning conversion.
  • It is personalizing and individualizing fitness learning with physical literacy.
  • It is a way to sharpen the brain and heighten awareness.
  • It is a way to assess clients objectively and fairly.
  • It is a way to quantify and qualify client’s fitness performance.
  • It is a way to transform your fitness programs using technology.
  • It is a way to market to your stakeholders (clients, administration, the community) that health and fitness is the most important part of your life.
  • It is a smart way to fight the prevalence of obesity in our society.
  • It is a way to keep your club relevant in the digital era.

SMART Fitness is not …

  • Smart Fitness is not a program.
  • Smart Fitness is not a gimmick.
  • It is not about “the old” versus “ the new”.
  • It is not a way to “blow up your club’s clientele” but rather to convert and blend it for the 21st Century fitness and training facility.

Why SMART Fitness?

  • It engages Clients in their fitness activities.
  • It leads to motivated clients and instructors.
  • It achieves fitness outcomes.
  • It provides for objective and fair grading.
  • It connects to the stakeholders by sharing outcomes to market the PE program.
  • It makes student outcomes based on data and not observation.
  • It saves instructors time.
  • It provides for more MVPA during training time.
  • It personalizes the Fitness program for each individual client.