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Heart Rate Training, Tips & Motivation

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Showcase District – Missouri: Farmington School District

We Needed a Change… During a district wide physical education collaboration, our staff noted that we needed a change and physical education needed to be made a top priority in the Farmington School District. We started doing K-12 PE collaboration every month where we were fortunate enough to meet Sandy Moore who presented Heart Zones…

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Blink 3.0 Plus Review

New Heart Rate Sensor Review: The Blink 3.0 Plus Heart Rate Armband   The next generation of armband sensors, the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 Plus heart rate sensor is ANT+ enabled for group application and Bluetooth enabled for individual use. Either you may get started or enhance your training to the next level using Heart…

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Heart Zones Trailblazers: Darrell Salmi

A Trailblazer you should know:  DARRELL SALMI At a glance: High school PE teacher (25+ years) and assistant football coach at Stillwater Public Schools in Stillwater, MN.   Butch Nash Outstanding Assistant Coach Award – 2019 Awarded Minnesota State Physical Education Teacher of the Year 2018 St. Croix Education Association Distinguished Teacher – 2017 TIES Technology…

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Beth Kirkpatrick’s Lessons From the Heart: Reaching “Outside” The Walls of Your Gymnasium & Into the Hearts & Minds of Your Community

“The Day in The Life of . . .” is the most powerful community outreach strategy for changing the minds of our community members as to what physical education is all about. This creative multi-dimensional lesson allows for physical educators to reach outside the walls of the gymnasium and into the hearts and minds of…

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Imagine a New Physical Education

Imagine a new direction in physical education… Imagine having individual exercise data that was immediately sent to student records, the student, and the parents, each day from physical education classes. Today, the evolution of heart rate technology has revolutionized physical education and sports by allowing for more precise measurements and accurate evaluations. Our profession, and…


PRIDE Industries to Provide Kitting and Assembly Services to Heart Zones

When triathlete, ultra-marathoner, and best-selling author Sal Edwards wanted to reshore assembly and packaging services for their latest business endeavor, s/he immediately thought of PRIDE Industries.   Heart Zones, founded by Edwards in 1994, is a pioneer in the field of science-based heart rate training programs and devices. Among these devices is the Blink Armband,…


7 Healthy Heart Assessment: What do the Heart Rate Numbers Mean?

For the first time, the Physical and Health Education teacher, the coach, and the after school program directions are able to see live biofeedback on a student’s response to different exercise intensities. But, what if the numbers displayed on the visual Big Board are unusual? What if the heart rate numbers appear abnormally high or…

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