Heart Rate Zones

Sally Edwards and the team at Heart Zones are highly focused on promoting heart rate zones and the concept of heart rate training. With the heavier adoption of wearable technologies over the last 3-5 years, heart rate has become a more common measurement. As you take interest in heart rate and heart rate training, we want to help you understand how to train in zones and get the most out your training and workouts.

Heart Rate Zones are the foundation of training with Heart Zones, Inc. We want you to train your body & improve your fitness by training in different zones throughout the week/month/year. Zones are unique to each individual, and in addition to that, they differ for one individual over time. There are three different methods that you will hear us speak about regarding zones. Those are ZONING, Threshold, and MAX. Each method has its own unique spin on heart rate zones.

At Heart Zones, one of our Goals as a company is to educate the public about the right way to set and train in zones. We believe that the commonly adopted “220-age” formula to establish Max Heart Rate is inaccurate. We also believe that setting heart rate zones based on that Max Heart Rate calculation is wrong. That is why we developed the Threshold Training system and the ZONING Training method, which you can read about below. Every individual is unique and you need to have a personalized method to train your heart effectively!

Three Methods to Setting Zones

ZONING Heart Rate Training

ZONING Methodology

ZONING utilizes three heart rate zones. The zones are determined based on boundaries or “thresholds”. Learn more about how ZONING works here

Threshold Heart Rate Training

Threshold Methodology

The Threshold Methodology utilizes 5 heart rate zones determined using the T1 and T2 thresholds. Learn more here..

Max Heart Rate Training

Max Methodology

Max Heart Rate is the last method for setting Heart Rate Zones. This is likely the most heavily adopted method, but the least accurate. Learn more