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Starting a Heart Zones Class

Turn on the Heart Zones Mobile Bridge

Heart Zones Move BridgeStand Alone Mode: Push and hold the black ON/Off button until both the red LED light appear. The red LED will flash repeatedly. Release the button. Push the ON/OFF button a second time and release quickly. The green LED light flashes a single blink. The red light then turns off unless the Bridge is charging via the usb cable. Your Bridge is now powered on in “Stand Alone” mode.

WiFi Mode: To connect the Mobile Bridge in “WiFi mode” simply push and hold the black ON/Off button until both the green and red LED light flash. Release the button. Both the red and green LED lights now flash while connecting to your WiFi network. When connected, the green LED flash a double blink. See the Set Up Guide for the specific details of how to set up the Bridge using the Wi-Fi mode.

Step 1: Select the iPad Settings.

Step 2: Open the list of Wi-Fi networks.

Step 3: Select the network that starts with either WASP or WA or your WiFi network in which you have connected your Bridge in WiFi Mode.

Step 4: Access Heart Zones Move application on your iPad. The iPad main display appears. Tap the Heart Zones Move app to access the Heart Zones Move application on your iPad.

Step 5: Tap on the Heart Zones Move “Menu” in the upper right corner, appears as 3 parallel lines.

Step 6: Find and then tap on “Classes”. Select the class from either Impromptu Classes heading or Scheduled Classes that matches your next session.

Step 7: There.
 are two class types: “Scheduled Classes” or “Impromptu Classes”. Tap on the class that you will be teaching.

Step 8: Select and tap on the choices between PE (physical education), Fitness (clubs), Cycle (indoor cycling), or Assessments (testing)

Step 9: If your students are going outside the range of the mobile Bridge, turn this switch on. Tap “Start Session” but wait for about 30-60 seconds to allow the app to communicate and enable the sensors to operate in Outdoor mode and save the data in the sensor.

Step 10: A blue banner appears for you to confirm that you have the correct selections. Read the blue banner. If correct, tap “OK”. If not correct, fix it in the Settings menu. 10

Step 11: After you tap on “OK” the timer starts and data is being collected, displayed, and saved on the iPad. You can either project the data or not – your choice.

Running a Heart Zones Class

Status Display Area:

• To view the status display, tap the Control-menu icon in the lower left corner:

• Check the Status Display menu at the beginning of class to determine that you are connected to the correct WiFi if you have access to WiFi and Shared Sensor Set. This will assist in trouble shooting incase data does not appear on the screen.

Flip Tiles:

  • After starting your session you will see multiple screen tiles. Tiles can be flipped to show different data points. Use your finger and tap any of the on-screen tiles to flip it. Alternatively, you can flip all of the tiles at once by using the “flip tile” button at the bottom of the Big Board Display:
  • If you are using the Blink 3, 3.0+, or Blink 24 heart rate monitor, you have the unique ability to flip the on-screen tiles by using the power button on the Blink. Simply push and release the button to flip your individual tile. The timing on this can be finicky, if you don’t get it the first time keep trying.

Current Class Menu:

See the Set Up Guide for Instructions on using this valuable menu.

Remove Absent Participants:

• If you have a Big Board Display screen up with the timer running and you notice someone has left, or is absent from a planned class, you can then remove them from the screen without removing them from the class list or restarting the timer. Do this by swiping your finger from right to left on their tile. A Blue ribbon will then appear, hit “OK”.

View Individual Participant:

• If you have a Big Board Display screen up and you want to focus in on an individual in the class to view their data, on the iPad only or to access their user profile for edits, you can do so by double tapping their tile to bring up the following screen:

Stopping a Heart Zones Class

Stop Class:

• To stop your current session, hit the icon in the • lower left corner to bring up the Session
Control Panel:

• Push the square stop icon, then follow the sequence of blue ribbon prompts that scroll across the top of the iPad display.

• The email generator sends an individual report to every participant in class that has their email address entered into their user profile:


• Your data at the end of your sessions is saved in the Reports menu where they can be viewed and exported.

• There are two types of reports from the Heart Zones Move app (1) a class summary report and (2) individual reports for each participant, listed respectively. Additional reports are available in the Heart Zones Connect Portal.

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