Sarah Knapp headshot

Sarah Knapp

Heart Zones Logistics Manager

Sarah was originally from Upstate New York, but moved to California for a taste of west coast culture. For background, she studied Religion and Philosophy at Waynesburg University, located in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. After graduating with a BA degree, she continued her education, earning a Masters degree at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

Like many recent college graduates, she took to the roads, traveling cross country to live in the home of Heart Zones’ headquarters – Sacramento, California. Traveling provided her with the opportunity to enjoy exploring new cities, along with experiencing their local cultures and cuisines.

As the manager of digital marketing, Sarah is responsible to ensure that your orders from Heart Zones arrive on time and with care. She also oversees all of our social media content. Additionally, Sarah is TEFL certified, a certification which provides training for those students who seek to learn the English language proficiently. She is passionate about teaching ESL, English as a Second Language, as a part-time opportunity for her. Outside of work, her free time is usually spent getting outdoors with her shihpoo named Lila, exercising, listening to music, and hanging with good friends. Since moving here, she has fallen in love with the California sunshine and good vibes.

Sarah is eager to continue her career here as sheĀ grows right alongside the improvingĀ technologies and education of Heart Zones with our wearable technologies and solutions for schools, health clubs, healthcare, and first responders.