Answers to Your Questions

Answer: 110 students in one class. The new software application, Heart Zones PE is an app that runs on the iPad or Mini and both displays and records the data from each session. From the Apple device, the data can be shown either on the wall or a flat screen TV called “The Big Board” or student display with a device or “blinking” zones on the Blink Armbands.

Answer: With the vast popularity of Apple devices many teachers and student have access to a device which can further lower the costs of the system. Better yet, many individuals know how to navigate iPhones or other Apple mobile devices so their learning curve of implementing a new technology is quick and easy. There are two essential pieces of hardware in the Heart Zones Move Solution – an iPad or iPad Mini and the Bridge. Both are mobile and small for ease of use indoors or outdoors, so users of the Heart Zones Move Solution don’t have to be wired (tethered) to a computer.

Answer: That depends on the size of each room and if you plan to use them both indoors and outdoors. The range from the sensor transmitter to a little black box, called the Bridge (See footnote 2) is about a 20 yards (60 feet) indoors and 50 yards is not uncommon outdoors. The range from the Bridge to a WiFi Access Point (router) is approximately 100 yards outdoors.  Indoors the range varies depending on many factors but 50 to 75 yards is not uncommon. The coverage area can be extended by adding more Bridges. Two Bridges are recommended for most rooms because the signal from the Bridge cannot reliably go through a human body and sometimes the student’s body can block the signal. The Bridge can operate as a stand-alone hotspot and will bridge the data to the iPad Mini or iPad without a WiFi connection inside or outside – it’s totally mobile, rechargeable, and wireless.

Answer: You are free to decide. The Scanner is used to identify any sensor that is not already registered into the system. For example, a new student appears with a new or their own transmitter belt or foot pod. Hold the Swiper within 1-2” of the heart rate belt or foot pod and the student will be added into the system hands-free which means you don’t have to enter them at that moment and disrupt your class activities.

Answer: No. The Heart Zones software is “free” in the Apple iTunes store but to activate it a “one-time license” must be purchased.  For individual students or distance-learners, the Heart Zones Training app can be downloaded for free to any iPhone or iPod Touch and used for free. Thus, individual students can view their own data, save it, and email data to teacher. Read and download for free at:

Answer: Yes, with a couple of taps on the iPad in the Heart Zones PE software, information about the student can be quickly edited on the fly such as student name, heart zones, weight, height, Max or Threshold heart rate zones, email address, etc. The System is designed to prevent interruptions during the class time to save the teacher time and headaches.

Answer: Since 1993. Heart Zones, Inc. began 22 years ago with the mission to help individuals train using the patented Heart Zones Training system developed by Sally Edwards, MA, MBA, PE PE teacher, coach, and Triathlon Hall of Fame athlete. Sally created and developed the Heart Zones Training System™ as well as the new patented ZONING™ and Threshold Training Systems™. Heart Zones Training is considered by most to be the gold standard training methodology used today by both professional and recreational athletes. At Heart Zones, Inc., we believe in a fit America and make that is our mission. We are physical educators and we want students to learn and grow.

Answer: Here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • Price – affordable and no additional annual costs
  • No chest strap required
  • Multi-sensors (bike sensors, heart rate sensors, step tracking sensors)
  • Range from sensor to the iPad
  • Open versus closed System — there are 160 different sensor manufacturers.
  • You select the sensors and the data that you want to show on the Big Board and collect on the iPad or the iPad Mini.
  • Expandable which means as new sensors become available, you can add to your tracking to include new technology without having to discard what you already have invested in.
  • Complete solution for your school – professional development, curriculum (all levels), class and individual hardware and software for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Powerful tracking and monitoring system for engaging and motivating today’s digital student – meeting them where they are at.

Answer: Yes. Currently, data is stored on the iPad locally and stored in the cloud via DropBox.

Answer: Within the cloud server-data storage system, reports using any of the data can be developed. The report that is standard though you can customize your reports, which show Time in Zone (TIZ), peak heart rate, elapsed time, average heart rate, and the heart rate graph or profile. This report can be auto-emailed to parent/guardian, to the student, to your choice.

Answer: No. That’s good news. There is no annual license to use the software. It’s yours forever. Free updates to the Heart Zones PE software are delivered via the Apple App store – for free for life. You own it. You don’t license it with monthly fees like other Systems and companies.

Answer:  Student’s effort is displayed by either 3 colors as in ZONING program or 5 colors in the MAX or Threshold methodology, increasing from easy to hard — blue (easiest), green, yellow, orange, and red (hardest). The colors can change in either three modes: gradient mode, solid color, or gray-scale mode.

Answer:  Yes. And the price of sensors – heart rate transmitter belts, step counting sensors (think pedometers), speed and distance sensors (for cycling indoor or outdoor), and so many others depends on the manufacture. Heart Zones, Inc. provides the Blink Armband as our recommendation, but we have an open system and can collect the data from any ANT+ or smart Bluetooth 4.0 sensor like a Polar.

Answer: Heart Zones, Inc is the only company that provides a complete solution for schools. are four different parts to the system or four unique parts to it. Those dimensions are as follows:

  1. Professional Development: with seminars, workshops, workouts, and conferences
  2. Curriculum: for all levels that includes lesson plans for both indoor and outdoor activities such as indoor cycling, Zumba, circuit training, cross training, and other activities.
  3. Display: The Big Board which is a data display on a screen, wall, or LED monitor like a flat panel TV for the class. The Heart Zones Training app is a free app for the individual student.
  4. Sensors: Blink Armbands or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) when the student is on their own and wants to track their activity and store it and which provides them with reports.

Answer: The cost for a single school location is as low as $4,000-$7,000 depending on how many parts your PE needs:  professional development, curriculum, display, and sensors. We would need to know more about your situation— school size, number of students to track and monitor, and other information – so please call or email us and we’ll guide you through some of these factors and provide you with a quote to match your needs.

Answer: You are free to choose individual foot pods or a dual sensor, the Blink Armband that has both heart  rate monitor and a step tracker. There are advantages to deciding both of these ways and we’d love to share what other schools are doing as well.