What is Smart PE?


  • Smart PE is a movement
  • Smart PE is a digital physical learning conversion.
  • It is personalizing and individualizing fitness learning with physical literacy.
  • It is a way to prepare the brain to learn and to cognitively perform.
  • It is a way to make PE accountable to Physical Education standards.
  • It is a way to grade students objectively and fairly.
  • It is a way to quantify and qualify movement activities.
  • It is a way to bring PE to the 21st Century learner.
  • It is a way to transform the PE program using technology.
  • It is best practices for PE.
  • It is a way to make your school an “active school”.
  • It is a way to market to your stakeholders (parents, administration, the student) that PE is the most important class in your school.
  • It is a way to keep PE from being left behind other school subject matters.
  • It is a smart way to fight the prevalence of childhood obesity.
  • It is a way to engage students where they are – to hook them on fitness now.
  • It is a way to make PE relevant.

SMART PE is not …

  • Smart PE is not a program.
  • Smart PE is not a gimmick
  • It is not about the “old PE” versus “new PE”.
  • It is not a way to “blow up PE” but rather to convert and blend it for the 21st Century student.
  • It is not repositioning what we have done in the past.


  • It engages students in their PE activities.
  • It leads to motivated students.
  • It achieves fitness outcomes.
  • It provides for objective and fair grading.
  • It connects to the stakeholders by sharing outcomes to market the PE program.
  • It makes student outcomes based on data and not observation.
  • It saves teachers time.
  • It provides for more MVPA during class time.
  • It measures and displays on the Heart Zones™ Big Board© individual students MVPA.
  • It personalizes the PE program for each student.

Join the Smart PE Movement

Check out these 6 motivational videos from Heart Zones, Inc Founder, CEO and Physical Educator Sally Edwards. She is challenging you to Join the Smart PE Movement and help us empower the youth of America to improve their health and own their fitness.