Our team at Heart Zones is dedicated to participating in conversations around the country and around the world about health and fitness topics ranging from indoor cycling to the state of Physical Education classrooms. We are a fitness training, technology and education company that is committed to empowering teachers, instructors and individuals to own their health and fitness.

Heart Zones Events

Certifications and Seminars

Every year we are on the road visiting Health Clubs and Gyms all over the Country providing Certifications and Seminars to help educate and empower the fitness community. Click here to check out our upcoming events and join us for a stop near you!

Heart Zones Events

Trade Shows and Speaking Events

As we support our different programs as well as the Heart Zones Move Solution, our Hero Group Fitness Product, we are active in trade shows and other keynote speaking events. Click here to check out where we are going to be making our stops this year!