Lessons From The Heart

My journey as the pioneer of using heart rate sensors in the school setting begin in 1980. Since than I have been asked so many times: “Why do you think using heart rate sensors is so important”?  Since the first few months of this journey utilizing heart rate sensors, the most important reason I realized was that I knew I wasn’t “guessing” anymore when I would encourage students to either go faster or slow down. Before having access to wearable technology it was especially haunting each fall and spring when all 550 of my middle school students ran the mile, and then later, complete the 20 meter cardio test.

Lessons From the Heart

Lessons From the Heart With Beth Kirkpatrick Earlier in the year Heart Zones pleasantly announced the return of Beth Kirkpatrick to the team. Not only does Beth bring decades of experience researching, funding and implementing wearable technologies into the physical education setting, but is passionate about how these products increase the service physical educators are…