InnovationsĀ in Higher Education

Technology Infusion for Future Teachers

Technology is quickly changing the way that everyday peopleĀ evaluate their health and fitness. The problem is that most everyday peopleĀ don’t know what to do with the data that their technology is giving them. By infusing fitness technology training into our higher education programs, we are equipping our future teachers to better prepare their students for the real world. When we take the time to teach ourĀ teachersĀ the why behind fitness technology and data, they get it, and when the teachers get it, so can the students. Our PEĀ teachers are nowĀ be ableĀ to educateĀ and empower students on how to own their fitness in a way that develops healthy habits for their futures.

Our Superstar Lineup

When you partner with Heart Zones, IncĀ for higher education you are gaining access to a world class team with countless years of physical education teaching experience. We are determined to equip young leaders with both the technology and the training to help them succeed in getting the next generate fit!

Deb Berkey Profile Pic

Dr. Deb Berkey

Dr. Debra Berkey is incredible! She hasĀ spent 31 years as a professor for Western Michigan and is still there working harder than ever to advance the Physical Education field. We are so proud to have her on our team that supports Higher Education and future of Physical Education. Read Deb’s full bio when youĀ click here.

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