Benefits to K-12 Physical Education

Whether you are teaching Kindergarten or 8th grade, the Heart Zones Move Solution transforms the way that you teach Physical Education.  For the teacher, the Heart Zones Move Solution is the tool for motivation, engagement and assessment using wearable technology that empowers students to pursue a safe and healthy active lifestyles. Here are some of the key benefits regardless of grade-level:

  1. Easy to use with only 3 taps on your mobile device to start the program and only one button to push for your students and their individualized zones.
  2. Objective assessment for each student based on student’s effort not their behavior
  3. Seamlessly communicates student’s¬†results to parents and¬†guardians

The Heart Zones Move Solution is so easy to use that younger grade levels don’t struggle, and at the same time, it is sophisticated and “techy”¬†enough that the older students are motivated and engaged as well. Find your grade levels below and check out some of the specific benefits to your students.

Elementary School Benefits

Younger kids love the Heart Zones Move Solution because they can see the Big Board and the Blinking flashing lights so they get it! The Big Board is a game changer because it displays up to 110 students individual activity data clearly and colorfully which makes it fun and personalized. Here are a few other key features and benefits for Elementary School students:

  1. No Chest Straps for measuring heart rate! Our Blink Armband makes it as easy as one click to activate their heart rate sensor.
  2. 5 Different Displays to choose from, the Heart Zones Move Solution for step trackers (smart accelerometer that replaces the pedometer), heart rate data, assessments and more. This is the only system with this functionality.
  3. Leveler:  Students now workout in their individual and personal zones tailored to them which leads to more confidence, levels the playing field, and leads to enhanced physical literacy.

Middle School Benefits

As students progress to the middle school level after elementary, the Heart Zones Move Solution continues to provide motivation, engagement and accountability. As kids begin to mature, the No Chest Strap feature of our Blink Armband becomes more important. Heart rate monitor chest strap are uncomfortable, wastes class time, and are difficult to use. Here are few other key features of the Heart Zones Move Solution for the Middle School health and Physical Education program:

  1. Heart Zones FIT Points. This scientifically based calculation is built into the Heart Zones PE App and allows students to be competitive with themselves and with their peers. Remember the equation: Frequency x Intensity (Zone number) x Time Рthe sum of this equation is FIT Points.
  2. Equalizer. This again is a huge feature of the system for the Middle School student. As kids begin to grow and mature at different rates, by individualizing zones it no longer matters if you are fastest or the strongest but rather that you make the effort.
  3. No Wasted Time. Because the system is so easy to use, it takes very little time to start a class Рunder 60 seconds to make 3 taps on an iPad and your class is started. No other system compares to this for ease of use.

High School Benefits

Physical literacy is key for the high school student to learn lifetime fitness and health skills and behaviors. The Heart Zones Move Solution is a progression using different sensors to measure, monitor and manage individual and group workouts. Use data and personalized learning in a safe environment because the Heart Zones Move Solution provides these unique benefits?

  1. Personalization of Zones. Use this wearable technology solution, the Heart Zones Move Solution to teach kids how to establish their own personal heart rate zones and step tracking zones as they set their goals and take ownership of their cardio-fitness.
  2. All Movement Activities: With three primary sensors Рheart rate, step trackers, and cycling, your students can measure their effort, yes, their intensity from A to Z from aerobic activities to Zumba. Our sensors work in swimming and other pool activities as well as indoors and outdoor sports and physical activity.
  3. Grading: No longer do you have to justify the grades you give in PE, because the Heart Zones Move Solution provides individual reports on calories burned, FIT Points, and time in the step or the heart rate zones.