Heart Zones Move Solution | Videos

Heart Zones Move Solution Overview | Can you Answer the Question?

“How did you do in physical education today when it comes to moderate to vigorous activity?” Learn how the Heart Zones Move Solution enables students and teachers to answer this question by using Smart PE!

Sauk Prairie Healthcare and Heart Zones

Check out what students, teachers, and parents have to say about getting Heart Zones into their school. A great story on thinking creatively about how to raise money for the school and make a difference in the health and happiness of so many kids in the district.

Join the Smart PE Movement?

Help our team at Heart Zones, IncĀ spread the Smart PE Movement. Watch this 6 video series from Sally Edwards, Founder, CEO, and Physical Educator, on what it means to join the movement that is happening NOW! They will all play in succession here!

MVPA and Objective Assessment with Darrell Salmi

April 2016 – SHAPE National Conference

Darrell sheds some light on how he is using the Heart Zones Move Solution in his classroom to evaluate MVPA and objectively assess each student in his classroom! Thanks Darrell for your enthusiasm and pioneering of Smart PE!

Leveling the Playing Field with Step Trackers with Mike Mustar

April 2016 – SHAPE National Conference

Mike shares his experience as a pioneer for the Heart Zones Move Solution and how he is using the step tracker application to level the playing field for all of his students and really get his elementary physical education classroom moving!

News Story from St. Matthews School

February 2016 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Awesome new story featuring Heath Mueller and his use of the Heart Zones Move Solution for his physical education program. Thanks Heath for all your hard work to pioneer Smart PE as the future of PE.

Why Heart Rate Monitors in PE?

September 2015 – NCAAPERD

Beth Kirkpatrick, Director of Education and Advocacy for Heart Zones, Inc explains why every PE classroom in America should be using heart rate monitors to evaluate performance and motivate students.

TheĀ Big Board Display

Check out the the Big Board Display that supports the Heart Zones Move Solution and its many different functionalities. This Display has many different options including Heart Rate and Steps that are great for school physical education

Administering the Pacer Test

This video provides a short clip of the Pacer Test being administered by PE teacher Rick Schupbach. He is a pioneer for using the Heart Zones Move Solution to change the way we evaluate and administer the Pacer Test. This is the vision of Beth Kirkpatrick and the Heart Zones team is thrilled to have her enthusiasm and brilliance as such a big part of our Smart PE movement!

Supine Ambient Heart Rate Test

PE Teacher Rick Schupback walks his classroom through a supine ambient heart rate exercise. Educating them on what their hearts are doing and why it is important. He points them to the Big Board to help them see what he is talking about

Smart PE by Tom Horner

Tom Horner from Lincoln High School shares some highlights from his classroom in 2015, inspiring other Schools and Teachers to join the Smart PE Movement! We love supporting Tom and his passion for Physical Education! Great job Tom!

Jump Roping 1st Graders using the Heart Zones Move Solution

Applying simple and effective technology like the Heart Zones Move Solution engages and motivates those of all ages. This video shows how veteran instructor Mike Mustar, Stillwater Minnesota Physical Education Teacher demonstrates how he using the Heart Zones Big Board display of the technology. Watch how his students respond to having their own personal ā€œstep tracking zonesā€ using the Strider ankle sensor that shows number of steps, step zone, moderate-to-vigorous physical education, calories burned, time in zones and more. Adding step activity trackers to your PE program will re-invigorate both you and your students to attain their goals and be successful.