Our Mission

Our Mission at Heart Zones, Inc is to Get America Fit through data driven fitness that utilizes wearable technology and sound methodology. Through the leadership of Founder and CEO Sally Edwards, Hall of Fame Triathlete, Ultra-Marathoner, Founder of Fleet Feet Sports, and Serial Entrepreneur, Heart Zones has remained committed to motivating and empowering individuals to improve their fitness.

Our Three Pillars


Heart Zones, Inc is committed to the education of coaches, athletes and all individuals regarding their health and fitness. As the company has matured, we are now more than ever focused on providing an information platform where individuals can be motivated to learn and empowered to improve their fitness. By providing a constant flow of articles related to running, triathlon, fitness, heart rate and much more, we hope that we can reach as many people as we can in order to help train and reach their fitness goals!


The 21st Century world is powered by Technology, and the health and fitness industry is no different. That is why we have been committed to developing and promoting the use of technology for fitness training, predominately through the use of heart rate monitors and other wearable devices. We are always working to help you connect your HEAD to you HEART, and by wearing a heart rate monitor, you are able to see exactly how hard your heart is working. Through this and other wearable technology, we believe that you can take control of your health and train smarter, not harder!


Since the beginning of Heart Zones, Inc in 1993 we have at our core always been fitness trainers. We believe that we need to be the change that we are trying to make and because of that we have always lead as fitness and heart rate trainers. The different training programs that we have created over the years, and continue to create today, are designed to help others get more fit and see the benefits of their hard work! Remember to always Train with HEART!