Our Programs

In pursuing our mission to “Get America Fit” we have developed fitness programs to help make that possible. OurĀ fitness trainingĀ programs are focused around our own Heart Zones patented methodologies for heart rate training. By helping you connect your head to your heart, we know that you will improve your fitness and get faster, stronger, fitter and healthier!

ZONING Heart Rate Training

ZONING Fitness

Heart Zones ZONING Fitness is a patented Heart Rate Training Methodology that involves training in three key heart rate zones. The Easy Blue Zone, the Moderate Yellow Zone, and the High Hot Red Zone. Learn more about ZONING and getting certified here..

Young woman doing a workout with a sports coach

Heart Zones Coaching

Heart Zones Coaches can be found all around the country. We train and certify fitness instructors around the world to use our different Heart Rate Training methodologies in their training classes. Find a coach near you and/or find outĀ more here!

indoor cycling instructor

Indoor Cycling Instruction

We love cycling! Learn how to be an effective indoor cycling instructor from our experienced team at Heart Zones. Learn how to use proper fitting, aerobic testing and evaluation to make sure that individuals improve in a group setting. Learn more here.

Personal trainer timing a female runner. Selective focus.

Personal Training

Personal Trainers hold an important role in the fitness world. At Heart Zones we want to empower Personal Trainers with knowledge and training that will help them effectively do their jobs. Learn more about Personal Training Certifications from Heart Zones here!


Crossover Educational Videos

Check out the latest of our quick monthly educational videos.Ā Learn from Sally Edwards and the elite team at Heart Zones, Inc about the latest trends in the fitness industry as well as tried and tested methods to improving your health and fitness! Click Here