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Company Overview:

For the past 25 years, Heart Zones, Inc. has provided the latest in scientific-based heart rate training programs, certifications, books and educational materials for coaches, athletes and individuals. Founded by author, professional athlete and exercise scientist Sally Edwards, MA, MBA, the company was first to introduce networked fitness using ANT+ technology with The Threshold Training System™ for use in individual and group fitness training settings.

Heart Zones, Inc continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies and training programs for both individual and group training environments with the mission to get America fit.

Key Products:

The Heart Zones Move Solution – see next tab for further information.

The Blink heart rate monitors – a set of heart rate monitors which feature a unique blinking LED light that actively indicates the heart rate zone you’re training in. There are three available models: the Blink 1A (1-button), Blink 2A (2-button) and the Blink Armband (no chest strap).

Books – Sally Edwards and Heart Zones, Inc have authored over 20 books on topics ranging from heart rate monitors, to running, to triathlon and more.

Zone Training Methodologies and Certifications – Heart Zones, Inc has developed and patented its own zone training methodologies. ZONING Fitness and the Threshold Training System™. The company offers seminars and certifications in these training methods.

The Heart Zones Move Solution

The Heart Zones Move Solution is fitness technology, applications and data driven programs that engage, evaluate and motivate physical activity using wearables to empower people to pursue safe and healthy active lifestyles. The System is sold into multiple markets including school physical education, clubs, cycling studioscorporations and medical wellness facilities.. The Heart Zones Move Solution is installed in over 125 locations in North America, a number that is rapidly increasing.


The Heart Zones Move Solution incorporates wearable devices, predominantly the company’s Blink Armband, and displays real-time feedback using a “Big Board”on display through an iPad. The system’s software incorporates Heart Zones’ patented Threshold Training System™ methodology which allows instructors to level the playing field and personalize programs for individuals within a group setting.


For more detailed information on specific applications of the Heart Zone System, you can learn more at: for Physical Education for Clubs for Cycling Studios

Press Contact Information:


Corene Marshalek

Director of Business Operations

916-481-7283 ext. 104

Magazine Feature:

Comstock’s Magazine, Entrepreneur Showcase – July 10, 2018

News Articles:

Wentzville school district using Heart Zones Move Solution, fr. Wentzville School District in St. Louis, MO. 9/8/2016

Stockton Gym using the Heart Zones Move Solution, ft. Sweat Stockton in Stockton, CA. 6/16/2016

Heart monitor gym classes get elementary schoolers moving, ft. Cedar Rapids Elementary School. 2/12/2016

Dodge County school using new technology in physical education, ft. Triton Middle School. 1/12/2016

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