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Are You Using Your Data?

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Heart Zones: The Health Club Solution

Learn more about the patented zone training method, Heart Zones. Watch this overview of Heart Zones Method by Joey Stabile and the power of training in your personal and individual zones.

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Heart Zones CYCLING Studio Video

Master Cycling Instructor Cathie Apple shares with you one of her favorite indoor rides titled:  Free for the first week, try out  her workout platform for cycling, yoga, mobility, and strength by clicking here: or watch this short introduction.

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The Start of the Mission to get America Fit – Fleet Feet Sports

In 1976, two women, Sally Edwards and her best high school friend, Elizabeth Jansen both at the age of 28 co-founded Fleet Feet Sports. This was one of the first athletic footwear specialty retail store in America. The company is now over 45 years of age, has over 200 locations, and is the largest of its kind in America. Watch and listen in her own words how it all started.

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Everything was Wrong with the Business Formula but it Worked

Learn how Fleet Feet with co-founder Elizabeth Jansen and Sally Edwards at first learn the hard way of taking risks, making mistakes, learning, and finding the pathway to success. Together, these two young 28 year olds using the power of personal confidence and driven by the mission to get America fit, set the very DNA of the company — local ownership, commitment to service and community, and providing events to get folks moving more.

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A Change of Heart – Co-Founding and Selling Fleet Feet

In 1986, ten years after co-founding the national franchise chain, Fleet Feet, Sally describes why and how she had a change of heart about the company. She sold both her retail and franchise Fleet Feet stores and here’s why.

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Starting Heart Zones: A New Business is Launched to Get America Fit and Healthy

In 1993, Sally Edwards starts Heart Zones, a technology, training, and education company that provides these three foundation pillars to schools, health clubs, healthcare facilities, and individual fitness enthusiast worldwide. The company is dedicated to motivating minds and engaging hearts using these foundation pillars to help get America and now all folks around the world, fit and healthy.

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Finale: As You Get Older, You Get Better: I love what I do everyday

Some believe that aging means that one slows down, prepare for or retire, and limitations on what is possible, these folks let the “old woman in” to their lifestyles. Rather, if you love to support others, do work of value, and that work touches your heart, then life might have more meaning. Watch to this segment of an entrepreneur’s sharing how she re-makes herself from a leader in retailing, franchising, and manufacturing to a serial entrepreneur.

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January Crossover Video | Heart Zones Training

Heart Zones Training is the patented methodology for using a heart rate monitor to improve your workout experience.

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Meet Stephanie Lauren leading a Heart Zones Training workout with her fabulous Plyoga, a 4-part internal training system using the benefits of yoga combined with cardio in the zones.