Genetics Training Facilities

Genetics Training Facilities in Riverside, CA has decided to take their gym to the next level with Heart Zones. One of their mantras is ‘Train Smarter’. They love being able to track their members effort to help them reach their goals. One of their members, Holly, said: “I see my results quicker because I train smarter.”

Pulse Revolution

Check out this quick blurb from Cathie Apple from Pulse Revolution as they highlight personalized training in a group setting. Pulse Revolution is a Heart Zones Training Studio that uses Heart Zones to enhance their group ride experience.

Run Republic

Check out Run Republic and see how they are using the Heart Zones Move Solution to benefit their members and their studio. They love being able to see their results on the ‘Big Board’.

Sweat Stockton News Story

Check out this news story that features the awesome programs Sweat Stockton is putting on thanks to their use of the Heart Zones Move Solution! We are so proud to partner with such a great group of trainers as they help us push smart fitness into the group and individual training conversations!

Are You Using Your Data?

Heart Zones Teammate Maya Heinert challenges us all to ask, are you using your fitness data. Check out how Heart Zones’ Club Solution can help you turn data into action.

The Big Board Display

Check out the the Big Board Display that supports the Heart Zones Move Solution and its many different functionalities. This Display has many different options including Heart Rate, Cycling, and Steps that provides all the data you need for different programs at your club!

Heart Zones RED

The team at CrossFit Sacramento has done what we encourage all health clubs and gyms to do. They are using the Heart Zones Move Solution, and have created their own training program called Heart Zones RED that they teach with it. As the name would indicate, this program is focused on the high intensity high heart rate exercises getting their clients into the RED!