Industry LeadingĀ Technology

The Heart Zones Move Solution (HZS)Ā runs off of a combination ofĀ hardware and software technologies, eachĀ of which are world class. By leading the way on both ends of the technology spectrum, the Heart Zones Move Solution really is a game changer for Physical Education and is making Smart PE easier and more flexible than ever!

Multiple Display Capabilities

The Heart Zones Move Solution was developed by Physical Education teachers and for Physical Education teachers, but it was also created by cyclers, runners and overall athletes. Therefore, one of the big benefits to you are the multiple data displays, such as one focused on heart rate (shown on the left) or one focused on step tracking (shown on the right). This unique featureĀ of the Heart Zones Move Solution really makes life easier, more fun, and more engaging for the Physical Educator and his/her students.

Heart Rate Display


Step TrackerĀ Display


Hardware Technology

Blink Armband

The Blink Armband

From a hardware standpoint, the HZS has theĀ ability to measure heart rate without a chest strap with our Blink Armband (shown on the left). Being able to break free of the uncomfortable chest strap is a key to making Smart PE possible for any grade of Physical Education. Additionally, thanks to our open system software, the HZS is able to connect to almost any wearable device, making it extremely flexible for teachers who may have owned other wearable devices in the past.

The Bridge

While the Blink Armband is key to the Heart Zones Move Solution, the system wouldn’t work without the technology within the Bridge device. The Bridge converts both ANT+ and BLE signals into a wireless signal that syncs with the Heart Zones PE mobile application. Read more about the bridge device here.

Software Technology


Heart Zones PE application

The Heart Zones PE application is what pulls all the pieces together. The tech team at Heart Zones, Inc offers free updates to the app and no annual fees. This app is what pulls together the data from the hardware and displays it on the Big Board for all to see. The magic is in the simplicity of the software! It is as simple as 3 TAPS TO START and you are off and running! Teachers love how easy it is to setup, use, and get ready for the next class!

Heart Zones Training application

The Heart Zones Move Solution not only includes a group training app, Heart Zones PE, but also comes with FREE download of the Heart Zones Training app, which allows kids to track their activity outside of the classroom. It is a great application for teachers and students alike to take ownership over their personalĀ health and fitness by having the data available to them on any iOS device!