Indoor Cycling Instructors

  • Learn how to lead an indoor cycling class using HZT system applied to indoor and outdoor cycling – the latest technology, entertainment, and high participant energy – that is the DNA of Heart Zones Cycling.
  • Learn how to administer sub maximum and threshold heart rate tests or power-watts tests to an individual or class to anchor their intensity zones.
  • Learn how to lead digital, virtual, and heart-rate displayed (Gymbotron) rides.
  • Learn about the bike and rider safety ride design, bike-fit, music, cycling class guidelines, and mobile apps – technology.
  • Learn how to individualize group cycling to get all of your participants fitter and healthier.

Who are Heart Zones Certified & Master Trainers?

We are cycling instructors, personal trainers and coaches. We are CVT, cardiovascular specialist in running, cycling, triathlon, swimming as well as weight loss and cardio fitness. We are indoor cycling instructors. We are personal trainers. We are group exercise leaders. We are triathlon coaches. We train individuals, groups, and teams. We train health, sports, and fitness enthusiasts and athletes. We train using tools like heart rate monitors, power meters, GPS/speed-and-distance meters, metabolic (VO2) carts, and more. And, we all train with our patented and branded HZT, Heart Zones Training, system which is recognized as the leading cardio-method in the world.