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Maybe you aren’t training for a marathon or signing up for your first triathlon. If you are looking for how to improve your general fitness workouts, then we want to help. Check out some of the latest fitness trends and workouts and learn more about topics such as weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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Tech Guru Tips: Take Your Sensor Outside

One of the many amazing features of the Heart Zones’ Blink heart rate sensors is the built-in memory capability. There is no need for the participant to either be near the Bridge or if used as an individual, bring their smart phone when they workout!


Colorado Model School: Bennett Ranch Elementary

“The ease of use is one of the best things about the heart rate sensors, all of our students can put them on and take them off without much issue.”
~ Ben Wells, PE Teacher at BRES

Albert Einstein Academies students

California Model School: Albert Einstein Academies

“I think Heart Zones is a very impactful tool that teachers can utilize to create a Universal Design for Learning classroom…”
Brian Nassif, PE Teacher at Albert Einstein Academies

milford high school

Showcase District – Michigan: Huron Valley Public Schools

“I was interested in bringing instant and accurate feedback to my classes. This program does exactly that.” 

 ~ Rick Wank, PE Teacher at Milford High School


Showcase District – New Jersey: Mahwah Township Public Schools

“Heart Zones . . . is a game changer – especially for those students who tend to not LOVE to move!”

~ Dena Scudieri, PE Teacher at Joyce Kilmer School

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Heart Rate & Resistance Training Re-imagined For Physical Education & Sports

During strength training in sports and in physical education class, how can one measure the progress of our most vital muscle?

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Urgent: How to Individualize PE & Sports

In physical education, 50% of their grade is often effort. How can effort be evaluated without heart rate technology?

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