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Maybe you aren’t training for a marathon or signing up for your first triathlon. If you are looking for how to improve your general fitness workouts, then we want to help. Check out some of the latest fitness trends and workouts and learn more about topics such as weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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Meet the Heart Zones CONNECT PORTAL

  ** What is the Heart Zones Connect Portal?  A portal is a software application that resides in the cloud. It is built as web-pages that display information in one location providing you with the security of a private log-in while allowing you to store, interact with, share, and do other activities in a single…

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Lesson of the Month: Stride Length Calibration

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“Academics On The Move”


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Heart Zones Spotlight: Nicole Smith in Fresno, CA

The Spotlight Shines On: Nicole Smith Higher Education Teacher & Star Player   Star high school basketball player, Nicole Smith, differs in many ways. For example, she doesn’t have a storied history. Her rise up through the ranks in Physical Education is a positive example to others. In 1987, she played on the undefeated Tucson,…

Find Your Peak - Lesson of the Month

Lesson of the Month: Find Your Peak Heart Rate

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Showcase District – Missouri: Wentzville School District

What’s Good for the Kids?   Over the 33 years Sandy Moore taught Physical Education, whenever she asked for programs, equipment, funds for conferences, and more, her administration always said “if it’s good for kids, let’s do it.” Looking back over her years of teaching, she noticed that some things were great for the kids,…

Mound Westonka HS

Showcase District – Minnesota: Mound Westonka Public School District

We met with Heart Zones, Garmin, and Polar… Maybe 7-8 years ago, the Mound Westonka district began looking at heart rate sensors to help their students evaluate and assess activity objectively. We met with Garmin, Polar, and Heart Zones. In the end, due to the cost, ease of use, and the fact that the heart rate…

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