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Maybe you aren’t training for a marathon or signing up for your first triathlon. If you are looking for how to improve your general fitness workouts, then we want to help. Check out some of the latest fitness trends and workouts and learn more about topics such as weight loss and cardiovascular health.

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Heart Rate & Resistance Training Re-imagined For Physical Education & Sports

During strength training in sports and in physical education class, how can one measure the progress of our most vital muscle?

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Urgent: How to Individualize PE & Sports

In physical education, 50% of their grade is often effort. How can effort be evaluated without heart rate technology?

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The SOS Challenge For Physical Education: Seeking Out Solutions, Strengthening Our Skills, & Sharing Our Success

I believe our profession needs an awakening to the future. It is my belief that we must be inspired to rethink how we deliver physical education to our students in the automated world we live in. How do we, as physical educators, capture the interest, and the imagination of our students today?

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Showcase District – Oklahoma: Norman Public School District

Up until 2019, Ann Goff’s classes had been just doing the same games and activities for years. Kids were just going through the motions on fitness tests and games. They saw very little benefit for some games. But when Hearts Zones was introduced that changed…


Why is Wearable Fitness Technology Important in Schools?

Wearable fitness technology (heart rate sensors and activity trackers) can be valuable tools in schools for several reasons: Real-Time Feedback, Individualized Instruction, Motivation & Goal Setting…


Reach Outside of the 4 Walls of the Gym

How often has your physical education program been featured in the newspaper or on the local TV station? Here’s how to show your community the strength of your program now that you “don’t play games” but teach physical literacy and active movement.

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Unleashing Your Inner Thermoregulation Warrior

Just like a secret agent staying cool under pressure, your body has an incredible ability to regulate its temperature without you even realizing it.

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