Only For Heart Zones Club Licensees

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If it’s in good shape, and you are a Heart Zones Club licensee, we’ll help it go to a new owner, diverting electronic waste from landfills. The purpose of the Heart Zones Refurbish & Buy-Back and Program is to provide our customers an opportunity particularly if they are upgrading their products to receive value for what they have purchased. The seller can apply the trade-in towards the next purchase or request payment given the following terms:

Refurbish Program: The company purchases used Heart Zones equipment only from original purchasers for 25-30% off the original invoiced price, less original shipping and transaction costs. The percentage is based on the number of years of use and condition of the equipment. Seller to pay shipping costs to Heart Zones. Upon receipt from the seller Heart Zones performs the following functions:

  1. Inspection: The equipment will be inspected for damage and wear-and-tear assessed.
  2. Testing: The equipment will be tested to confirm that it operates and functions correctly.
  3. Communication: The Heart Zones person will communicate to the seller the percentage and value to inform them what the refund amount will be. This is a conditional Buy-back Program.
  4. Cables and Chargers: Power adapters, chargers, and cables that are part of the equipment must be included in the return.
  5. Refurbished product: Firmware update, cleaning, strap replacement, battery testing, return to factory settings.
  6. Shipping: Seller should carefully package all returns so they are not damaged during shipping back to Heart Zones.
  7. Payment of Refund: Customer will confirm if the 25-30% value is acceptable or not. Heart Zones will pay return shipping if determined value is not acceptable to the seller.
  8. Recycle: If the equipment isn’t eligible for cash back or credit, Heart Zones will recycle the product for free.
  9. Time: Generally it takes 2-3 weeks upon receipt to inspect and respond back to the seller. The sooner we receive your equipment, the sooner we can verify its conditional and process your credit or payment. Heart Zones needs to receive your equipment within 14 days of initiating the return to us.

Resale of Refurbished Equipment Program: Heart Zones may purchase Heart Zones electronic products on the terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Sales Price: Refurbished equipment is sold as such at 30% off the retail/school/club current price to customers who want to purchase re-furbished sensors and possibly Bridges.
  • Warrantee: Heart Zones to provide 1 year warrantee on refurbished products.
  • Condition of Refurbished Equipment: Heart Zones insures that the refurbished equipment is returned to factory settings with firmware updates. For example, the Bridge radio configuration is re-set to factory default. There may be markings on sensors that can not be removed. Heart Zones will provide customers with that information in advance of their purchase.
  • Consistent: This program treats all customers equally so there are no further discounts or other considerations.
  • Refurbishment Process: Full testing that meets quality standards is but one part of the refurbishment process that also includes cleaning, software updates, battery-life data, and other processes.