What makesĀ the Heart Zones Move Solution stand out?

Great Value

  • Affordable Price

    Affordable price for the entire package and individual pieces. Comes with different options to fit different school sizes and budgets.

  • No Ongoing Fees

    The Heart Zones Move Solution is a one-time fee so you don’t have to worry about continually dipping into your annual budgetĀ each and every month.

  • FREE Updates for life

    The technology is future proof with FREE updates for life on the application. So as we continue to improve you reap the benefit at no extra cost.

  • Multiple Product Options

    The Heart Zones Move Solution uniquely allows schools to choose between heart rate monitors and/or step trackers based on price and perceived benefits to the students.

Elegant Simplicity

  • No Chest Straps

    The Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S powered by Scosche allows us to capture heart rate without a chest strap, making it easy on students and teachers to implement.

  • Less than 10 Seconds to Start

    Start a class in less than 10 seconds with our 1-button start. Never waste time again with complicated technology.

  • Forearm Sensor not a Watch

    Watches tend to be less accurate and more complicated for users. The Heart Zones Move Solution uses the Heart Zones Blink 3.0 Armbands which is worn on the forearm with a one button start – kids love it.

  • No Syncing or Downloading

    Real-time data feedback through the App means no wasted time at the beginning or end of class downloading data or activating devices.

Innovative Tech & Science

  • Open System Application

    The open system design allows you to connect nearly any wearable device of your choice. This is a unique flexibility to Heart Zones.

  • Personalized Heart Rate Zones

    Our Federally Patented Heart Rate Methodology powers the personalization of heart rate zones for each student. Allowing us to accurately measure MVPA on an individual level.

  • World Class Wearables

    Our Heart Zones Blink 3.0 S powered by Scosche and Heart Zones Strider powered by Boltt are two of the most accurate and technically advanced wearables on the market.

  • Highly Flexible Group Display

    Our “Big Board” data display offers more flexibility for different devices and displays than any other on the market. It also features a appealing design that is easy to decipher.

“Why do you need the Heart Zones Move Solution? Because every teacher in America needs to be able to answer the question, ‘How did you do today in Physical Education when it comes to moderate to vigorous activity?’. The Heart Zones Move Solution makes it possible to fairly answer that very question.”

– Beth Kirkpatrick, Heart Zones, Inc Director of Education & Advocacy