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Can your School PROVE its PE?

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that states report on the percentage of students in each school who meet recommended levels of physical activity, including moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). The ESSA encourages schools to provide opportunities for physical activity throughout the day and to support physical education programs that help students meet these guidelines.

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Let Your Kids Give PE Their Best Shot

It’s March Madness and you know what that means for PE… It’s time to break out those familiar round orange balls and step onto the court for everyone’s favorite unit, basketball. 

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Why Do Some Kids Dislike PE?

Not all kids dislike Physical Education (PE), but some may express negative attitudes towards it for various reasons. Some common reasons that kids may dislike PE include:


Question: Why Some People Dislike Exercise?

Exercise is an essential aspect of maintaining good physical health, yet there are still some individuals who have a dislike or aversion to it. There are several reasons why some people may dislike exercise,

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Meet the Heart Zones CONNECT PORTAL

  ** What is the Heart Zones Connect Portal?  A portal is a software application that resides in the cloud. It is built as web-pages that display information in one location providing you with the security of a private log-in while allowing you to store, interact with, share, and do other activities in a single…

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Lesson of the Month: Stride Length Calibration

Check out your free sample lesson from our most popular book included in our curriculum sensor packs below!

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“Academics On The Move”

Integrating Math and Language Arts with Physical Education

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