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7 Healthy Heart Assessment: What do the Heart Rate Numbers Mean?

For the first time, the Physical and Health Education teacher, the coach, the after school program directions are able to see live biofeedback on a student’s response to different exercise intensities. But, what if the numbers displayed on the visual Big Board are unusual? What if the heart rate numbers appear abnormally high or low?…


Adding the Physical to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Adding the Physical to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) PEL, Physical and Emotional Learning A New Construct for Physical Education Sal Edwards, Heart Zones CEO and Founder Social and emotional learning, or SEL, is a concept that provides valuable ways to learn cooperative and interdependent relationships with others. PEL, physical and emotional learning is an…


Reshoring Fitness Technology

Reshoring Fitness Technology How Heart Zones is Bringing Jobs Back to the USA for Those with Disabilities Wearable, data-driven fitness technology motivates and empowers individuals Roseville, Calif. (August 14, 2021) – PRIDE Industries, the country’s leading employer of people with disabilities, will provide kitting and assembly services to Heart Zones, a pioneer in the field of…

Heart Zones Move Overview

Buy Technology for Back to School ©

Use Your ESSER Funding for Health and Physical Education to Promote Social, Emotional, and Physical Learning Funding is readily available for your school physical and health education program. It is easy to request. It is easy to get it. This is federal not local funding which has already been allocated to your school. Technology purchases…


Simplicity in Action in Your Physical Education Program

One of the questions that we receive from teachers that are interested in implementing Heart rate and activity tracker into their program is, “How easy will it be to use Heart Zones Move in my class.” My answer is always the same.


Lessons From The Heart

My journey as the pioneer of using heart rate sensors in the school setting begin in 1980. Since than I have been asked so many times: “Why do you think using heart rate sensors is so important”?  Since the first few months of this journey utilizing heart rate sensors, the most important reason I realized was that I knew I wasn’t “guessing” anymore when I would encourage students to either go faster or slow down. Before having access to wearable technology it was especially haunting each fall and spring when all 550 of my middle school students ran the mile, and then later, complete the 20 meter cardio test.


Part 2. Why Try? Why Use Technology in Your Physical Education and Health Classroom?

Part 2. Why Try? Why Use Technology in Your Physical Education and Health Classroom?© Sal Edwards, CEO and Founder, Heart Zones As a health and physical education teacher and coach, it might be challenging for you to adapt to the new technologies developed for your programs. One of these robust solutions is powerful enough to…

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