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Measuring heart rate is one of the best ways to stay fit. Heart Zones, the original heart rate training company, provides the most meaningful solution to display heart rate, intensity and effort. Heart Zones accurately captures real-time data from multiple sensors and equipment consoles and delivers post workout results to help your members crush their next workout.

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Methodology… Rethink Fitness

Heart Zones wrote the book (literally!) on the use of zone-based training. Heart Zones patented Threshold Training™ is the guiding principle baked into our group and individual apps as well as our certified education courses. It’s the “why” we work in certain zones and the practice of “how” heart zone training helps everyone become more active to enjoy our lives … and those workouts… fully!


Training… It’s Measured

Heart Zones monitors frequency, intensity and time of exercise which translates into training load of dynamic effort or FIT Points. Yeah, we’re science-based cardio nerds. Our fitness tracking apps provide trainers the tools to deliver customized training: design zone sets for any cardio workout to build intensity and challenges; track heart rate recovery; and measure peak heart rate to auto-set an individual’s personalized zones.


Technology… No Bounds

Wearable and cloud-based technology combined with patented training methods and backed by 30 years of experience in sport, fitness and exercise science. Heart Zones software maximizes trainer delivered classes and heightens members’ effort during their workout. A management platform allows for scheduling, setting displays, adding sensors and overall customization. Easy to use, trainers can choose from multiple display capabilities to emphasize desired training outcomes. Using an iPad or Siri remote, trainers can interface with the menu for recovery and peak heart rate, change displays, and set challenges.

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Kardio is an innovative wearable-Cloud-based technology for studios, clubs and gyms to encourage and accurately monitor physical activity. Kardio delivers flexibility for owners and operators to provide heart rate tracking not only in scheduled classes, but in circuit training and in an “open studio” format throughout the facility.

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Ideal for personal training, small group training and group exercise, Move provides trainers with the optimal physical activity tracking tool. Multiple data displays give instructors flexibility to design customized workouts to put the emphasize on effort and support desired training outcomes.

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Check out how Run Republic has partnered with Heart Zones to deliver a unique experience to their members, and see the excitement its brought to their gym!


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