A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, David Glover, MS, CSCS entered his first triathlon in 1995 to prove that although he had cancer, cancer didn’t have him. He immediately fell in love with the sport of triathlon, especially the IRONMAN distance. After achieving his dreams of completing a sub 9-hour IRONMAN Triathlon (twice) and winning IRONMAN Vineman overall (twice), David’s passion now is helping other endurance athletes achieve their dreams at the finish line by providing online triathlon education and training programs through his company, ENDURANCEWORKS. He has his MS in Exercise Physiology and is certified as a coach by IRONMAN Triathlon and and USA Triathlon. David currently resides in the triathlon mecca of Boulder, Colorado, where he trains and works alongside the world’s best triathletes and coaches. Learn more about ENDURANCEWORKS at www.enduranceworks.net or contact David directly at david@enduranceworks.net.