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Heart Zones Corporate Wellness is for businesses that aspire to improve the health and wellness of their employees by using biometric feedback and education.

How Investing in Corporate Wellness Builds Strong Companies

The correlation between healthy employees and business engagement and productivity is undeniable. Organizations that prioritize employee well-being through a culture that honors physical, mental and emotional health attract and retain the best employees. These organizations earn the loyalty of their workforce.

Employee wellness programs have spread like wildfire in recent years as data, evidence-based studies and thought leaders support the concept of employee health as a beneficial commodity. Superficial engagement in employee health cannot compete with organizations that delve into real health by using real health measurements and outcomes based on scientific evidence.
Heart Zones provides immediate, accurate biofeedback for real health results.

Why Choose Heart Zones?

When choosing a partner to help navigate through health and wellness-based activities, the variety of options can blur your company’s objectives. Fundamental to any wellness program are accuracy, ease of use, cost and results. Yet many wearable sensors, watches and devices are inaccurate, expensive, have software that is difficult to use or understand, and may be without proven results.

Heart Zones™ differentiates itself because it provides the wearable, the technology, and the customized programs to maximize individual sustained effort and promote improved health. Heart Zones™ wrote the book (literally!) on the use of zone-based heart rate exertion to help individuals assess their baseline cardiac status and to promote and encourage meaningful exertion. Through our results with children in Physical Education classes, Heart Zones™ became the largest vendor of heart rate based training programs for public schools in the nation. If kids can use the program to get healthy, adults can too.

Why Heart Rate Training is Key to Heart Health