At Heart Zones, Inc., there is no higher mission than to positively care and support the health and wellness of those we connect with daily, especially our customers. Recent events surrounding the Coronavirus are making this mission of supporting and caring about our customers, suppliers, and friends more important than ever. Heart Zones wants to share with you our commitment to supporting you in every way we can during this extreme and challenging time. Below is information and materials that we hope will help you during this time. Read our full announcement here.

Virtual Support for Students

Gifts from the Heart Series by Beth Kirkpatrick 

Now more than ever, it’s important that our communities come together and work toward collective health and fitness to achieve active lifestyles. In her Gift from the Heart series, Beth Kirkpatrick will be offering a series of lessons designed to give students the chance to exercise according to their individual fitness levels, giving them the gifts of independence, success, and personal responsibility for their own health. Check out her first lesson, A Gift of Fitness Energy, by clicking on the image to the right. Understand how your child can invest their heart’s energy back into the community while they’re at home, and to learn how to track it using a heart rate monitor. 

Gifts from the Heart Series — Lesson 2 

In Beth Kirkpatrick’s second lesson called “The Cardio Test Revolution Begins,” she shares her experience as a pioneer in the use of heart rate in schools, specifically how it transformed the PACER test. Check out this 16-minute webinar for more information, and find out how students can exercise effectively according to their individual fitness levels.

Virtual Support for Schools

Heart Zones Move App Demonstration Webinar by Dr. Debra Berkey

The third webinar from Dr. Debra Berkey, focusing on guiding teachers through the Heart Zones Move App and sharing its core benefits—affordability, accountability, assessment, and advocacy.

Pandemic School Webinar by Dr. Debra Berkey

The second weekly webinar from Dr. Debra Berkey – focusing on helping parents and teachers guide students to playing on purpose (POP) while at home.

Playing with Purpose Webinar by Dr. Debra Berkey

As we venture into a virtual learning environment, it is now more important than ever to understand how to keep ourselves and our students moving and active. Here is a great 15-minute webinar from Dr. Debra Berkey to help you think about how to incorporate Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) into your online schooling efforts.

Virtual Support for Clubs & Instructors