Data Driven Programs


Many Heart Rate systems exist, but few bridge the gap between data and program creation. Heart Zones, Inc is different. We will always be striving to help you understand the data that you are getting from your classroom, and use it to create new and progressive programs. By applying the data the right way, you will open up the doors for kids to grow exponentially in their fitness.

Improve Health through Personalization

By providing ongoing support our goal is for you to understand how the heart rate and other data points can be used to personalize programs for different kids in your classes. By understanding exactly what each child needs, it allows you to create a program that both challenges and motivates them to grow.

Encourage Accountability

When kids, teachers, and parents all know that the program has been created specifically for that child, accountability becomes much easier. As opposed to measuring against all the other students, that child is able to hold themselves accountable to the program that he/she knows was made just for them. This mentality is something that Heart Zones, Inc is all about. Encouraging people/kids to simply “Do Their Best”.