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Close Out Elastic Straps for Blink 3.0 Only


Replacement Elastic Bands

Looking for replacements / additional bands for your Heart Zones Move Solution? Click here. Need to replace some older bands for your own personal Blink 3.0? Grab your replacement armbands here. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.


Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station


Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station

The Heart Zones Hanging Charging Station is a sensor management system that can be hung from a wall or AV cart that allows for the storage and charging of your wearable sensors. Contains 49 numbered, clear vinyl, 4 1/2″ pockets that allows for the storage of up to 49 Blink Armband or Boltt Strider sensors. 1 1/2″ slits located in the back of each pocket allows for the insertion of the Blink Armband charging cradles for charging purposes. Contains 3 reinforced grommets for hanging. Made of heavy duty vinyl with sewn reinforced seams, total size- 39″ x 32″. *Port Charger not included*

BoomBottle 2.0 + Portable Bluetooth Speaker


BoomBottle+ Waterproof PortableĀ Speaker

The BoomBottle 2.0 by Scosche is a spectacular portable speaker that pumps out some serious sound. Great to use both indoors and outdoors, whether during a workout or just for fun. Rugged, waterproof, dustproof and wireless, you are going to love this award winning portable speaker. Now with new two way pairing, you can even connect multiple BoomBottle 2.0 speakers for all encompassing sound.


Lightning AV Adapter


Lightning AV Adapter to connect the USB Bridge to iPad

If you are looking to connect the USB Bridge to your iPad, this AV adapter is going to be what you need.

Heart Zones Plastic Storage Case


Heart Zones Plastic Storage Case

Adjustable plastic storage case that allows storage of up to 18 Blink Armbands or Boltt Strider sensors. Contains 15 removable dividers, heavy duty reinforced hinges and two positive snap latches keep boxes securely closed. 11″W x 6-3/4″D x 1-3/4″H

Water Bottle

Water Bottle


Biodegradable Water Bottle

More than just a Water Bottle!Ā Works as a training tool as well!