HZT to the MAX! Training Bundle (DVD + Booklet)


HZT to the MAX! Training Bundle (DVD + Booklet)

Here’s a way to get all of the information to start your own personal HZT, Heart Zones Training program packaged into one. And save money.

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Here’s a way to get all of the information to start your own personal HZT, Heart Zones Training program packaged into one. And save money.

Most of us learn best by listening and watching (see the DVD) and following along with a primer (the Foundation Seminar for Everyone Booklet).

This Heart Zones training package combines two individual items: our brand new just released high definition (HD) 3-hour DVD-based training/workout program, along with the 50-page Foundation Seminar Syllabus that includes training content/materials presented by the person who created the original heart rate training system and best-selling author Sally Edwards. These two items – the DVD and the Booklet – together make a perfect—and economical. (Hint: It’s a great gift to someone you want to encourage getting into shape too – snag one for them).

Watch the DVD and learn how to take a sub-max test to set your training zones, find out about weight loss, emotional fitness, getting started training, performance, and facts about maximum heart rate. Learn how to use your heart rate monitor for what it was meant for – the best fitness device on the planet today.

Did you know… according to researchers from the University of Western Sydney, watching sport instructional videos can also benefit health by increasing heart rate, respiration, and skin blood flow. They say that “viewing other people exercise actually increases your heart rate and other physiological measures, just as if you were working out yourself”, according to the study. Read more in this article Watching other people exercise can boost your health by clicking below:


Here’s what you will learn and experience watching and listening to TO THE MAX!

1. Clear explanation of what the training zones are and when to use them.
2. How to set your own personal 5 cardio training zones
3. How to train with a heart rate monitor
4. Workout tests to assess your fitness level
5. Instructions on how to reduce your stress and have more energy
6. A definitive explanation of the “fat burning” zone (it doesn’t exist-a fabrication)
7. Includes training suggestions for athletes who want to improve their performance
8. Assessment for determining your personal maximum heart rate
9. Recent research on the exercise science of cardio-health and fitness
10. Strategies for shedding weight and graining muscle tone using the right cardio zones

Sally Edwards, MA, MBA Coach,
Creator and Developer, HZT cardio system

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