Heart Zones Permanent Bridge (POE)


Heart Zones “Permanent Bridge” (POE)

The Heart Zones “Permanent Bridge” is a permanently mounted version of “The Bridge”. It’s a key piece of the Heart Zones Move Solution, connecting wearable devices and converting Bluetooth and ANT+ signals into a wireless signal that communicates with our app. It has a range of 30-40 yards and can connect an unlimited number of devices.


Using the Permanent Bridge with Heart Zones Move

Like “The Bridge” the “Permanent Bridge” device is what is used to convert the signals from the ANT+ and Bluetooth wearable devices into a WiFi signal that connects with the Heart Zones PE app. It is the key to making the Heart Zones Move Solution work and is the only device like it on the market. The Heart Zones Bridge connects an unlimited number of sensors, such as the Blink Armband, to the Hearts Zones Move app and allows simultaneous collection of data concurrently. Range is between 30- 40 yards. The PoE “Permanent Bridge” is “hardwired” into your WIFI network, permanently mounted and is always available.


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