Threshold Cycling: 30 Zone Training Rides to the Beat from Heart Zones



The thirty rides presented here will help you ride stronger and better as you simultaneously increase your cycling
fitness. The introduction to the books is an overview of two methods of riding: the patented ZONING and Threshold
methodologies that use a heart rate sensor for setting heart zones.
From the original developer of heart rate riding and written by three certified indoor cycling
instructors Edwards, Apple, and Lydon provide you with engaging and motivating workouts that
match the beat of the heart with the beat of the music. This cadence-matched and heartbeat
driven style is revolutionary in both content and entertainment.
• 30 playlists to the theme of the ride with cadence-matched music
• Heart rate profiles for both ZONING and Threshold methods
• Each ride designed to match the focus and structure of the type of ride
• Includes an 10-week ride schedule calendar
• Shows four different ride types: HIIT intervals, endurance, steady state, and combinations
• Companion to the Heart Zones kardio group app for Big Board display
• Includes free individual app: Heart Zones Training
• Integration of the patented Threshold Training System™
• 3 different zone training wall charts: Threshold, ZONING, and Maximum Heart Rate
Each ride consists of an overview, the ride sequence, and profile or graph that provides a visual snapshot of the ride.
Also included is a detailed information showing each minute of the ride, FIT Points for assessing how hard the ride is, the
amount of time spent in each of the colored zones and a lot more.
The authors approach will not only get you started training with your heart and generating more watts (power), it will help
you get the results that you deserve.