USB Bridge


“The USB Bridge”

Our new USB Heart Zones bridge is a key piece of the Heart Zones Move Solution, connecting wearable devices and converting ANT+ to Bluetooth signals that communicates with our app. It has a range of 30-40 yards and can connect an unlimited number of devices. Essential to the Heart Zones system, this piece of technology is one of a kind.

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As technological advances emerge, Heart Zones incorporates these advances into our solutions at no cost but huge benefit to you. Our latest innovation is the new and powerful Heart Zones USB Bridge. This is a seismic upgrade to our current Heart Zones Mobile Bridge. The new USB Bridge is in the form factor of a “USB stick”. It eliminates both charging and connecting to the “WASP” network – those hassles are gone saving you time and bother. Other new features include:

  • Minimal Set Up Required – it is plug and play small device
  • Connects to 40 Blink heart rate sensors at one time
  • If you have more than 40 or want to add transmission distance, simply add one or more additional USB Bridge
  • No charging cables, no back up battery just plug it in to a USB dongle or any USB port and it works hands free
  • The cost is 50% less and the functionality is 100% more – we urge you to upgrade by purchasing this USB Bridge.
  • Includes: (1) “Step Tracking” using the Blink or our Heart Zones Strider dedicated to measuring and displaying movement versus heart rate and (2) “Outdoor Mode” allows the Blink 3.0+ and Blink 24 heart rate sensors to store the data while away from the Bridge and download the data into the Heart Zones Move app when the sensor is back in range of the Bridge.
  • Connects to the Apple Watch as participants heart rate sensor