Certified Coach for Heart Zones Training: Level 1 Manual


Certified Coach for Heart Zones Training: Level 1

Learn all that it takes to become a Qualified Heart Zones Coach. If you are an athlete coach or a personal trainer, then this Heart Zones Training Certification is designed for you.


Learn all that it takes to become a Qualified Heart Zones Coach (QHZC). As a QHZC you will have the ability and competence to effectively implement and direct successful use of the Threshold Training System® to benefit your clients. For coaching professionals this is a primary/initial coaching qualification. For fitness Professionals this qualification is a secondary qualification.

If you are looking to advance your personal training career or athlete coaching business, then this personal training certification was designed just for you.

Heart Zones Personal Training Coaching Course Materials:

◾A New Blink 1A Heart Rate Monitor Watch – LED flashing
◾The Heart Rate Monitor Guidebook
◾A Sub-Max Test Packet
◾2 different one-half hour conference calls with Qualified Heart Zones Coach Dorothy Sager

In this course you will learn:
◾Becoming a Qualified Heart Zones Coach-Objectives and philosophies of coaching, continuing education requirements, ethics.
◾The benefits of using the Heart Zones Training Advanced Application
◾How to use heart rate data to administer fitness assessments
◾How to estimate both maximum and threshold heart rate by administering sub max tests
◾Learn how to set cardivascular training zones
◾How to desinge a training plan for athletes based on dose-response-adaptation sequence
◾Learn to listen, communicate and develop athletes to their capacities

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